Give Yourself Permission to HEAL

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

Ashley K. Pittman used faith, gratitude,  prayer, meditation, visualization, and journaling to get through pregnancy and infant loss. She is finally FREE of the heartache and grief that kept her crippled. She is now locking arms with other women and walking with them through the heartache to H.O.P.E. The freedom to breathe, love, and live again, especially after extreme loss is possible.  Here's a little more about her story...

She had always desired to have a family, and almost as soon as her family was given to her, it was taken away. For a long time, she held on to the pain. She shut out the person who loved her the most, her husband. And even after they were blessed with more children, she still wasn't free to live her life, to love freely, and be there for her children. She was simply existing through the shame and guilt she felt from the loss of her babies. This is her story of deliverance, and she has to share it with families that may be going through the same. You can heal. You can be delivered. You will breathe again!


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 Ashley K. Pittman 

The Pittman Family 
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