"Don't Struggle in Silence"


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Have you or someone you know suffered a pregnancy loss? Did you feel alone afterwards? Did you wonder if your feelings were valid or common? Since the loss, did you experience strain in your relationship?

As a woman, bearing a child is one thing that we should be able to do without any question, right? Complications or miscarrying is not something that we think about. But, complications and miscarrying in pregnancy does occur.

This book is a collection of stories and events that took place in my life after I lost my twin son and daughter Aree’a Lani’ and William Thomas Pittman Jr. to preterm labor complications at 7 months pregnant. In this book you will learn how I overcame detrimental grief, depression, marriage destruction and my experience with having more children after such a traumatic loss.

If you have experienced such a loss and feel alone, don’t think healing is possible after such a loss, or your relationship began to unravel afterwards, then this book will give you hope and encouragement that with time, and other ingredients I share, healing can take place if you allow it too.


MizCeo- Finale Book "Aint't No Plan B"


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