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 Ashley K. Pittman 


Best Selling Author,Speaker, Mentor, Philanthropist and publisher, Ashley K. Pittman gives women the road map to overcome the heartache and grief of pregnancy loss so they can become empowered and gift HOPE to the masses by using her method called S.P.E.A.K. 


One of the steps in S.P.E.A.K is to position your story to inspire others which can help women begin taking action to arrive at hope. 


Ashley is an African American women who experienced pregnancy loss at the age of twenty- three years old. 1 in 4 women experience a miscarriage, still-birth, chemical pregnancy loss, or late-term pregnancy loss. 


She is the author of, I Can Breathe Again which shares her experience of losing her twin son and daughter close to the seven month of pregnancy to preterm labor where her daughter passed away on her chest. Ashley is the CEO of her publishing company, D.S.I.S Publishing. She also is the compiler of, Best Seller Don’t Struggle in Silence – I am a V.I.C.T.O.R book Collaboration, which includes the stories of six women and their experiences with pregnancy loss and their healing journey.


After going from a mother with empty arms who suffered with grief, anxiety and depression to a mother full of love and H.O.P.E, Ashley helps women overcome the heartache of pregnancy loss so they can become empowered and inspire others with their story.


Ashley partnered with a hospital organization in Indiana to give back to her community using the proceeds from her book to help bereaved families in their NICU department as a thank you for helping Ashley’s oldest living son when he stopped breathing thirteen times after he was born five weeks prematurely.


She has been featured on the following local Indianapolis TV News stations; FOX59, WRTV6 and WTHR 13. She has also been published on FOX34, CBS & NBC. 


Ashley has been published in SHEEN, Formidable Women and VEU magazine.


She has been a guest on several syndicated podcasts and radio shows such as: The Nikki Show, Sisters in Loss, Good Grief Girl, LifeHER -just to name a few.


Ashley has spoken on stage for an audience of over a thousand at hospital organization’s Leadership Development Institute sharing her mission of “ Don’t Struggle in Silence,” her book and her story of HOPE and healing.

#1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

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