"Don't Struggle in Silence"


Meet Ashley

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Thank you for visiting my site! I'm Ashley K. Pittman and through much reflection, prayer, and self-work, I'm finally FREE. I've been called to help other people fight for their freedom as well, through healing and true deliverance. The freedom to breathe, love and live again, especially after extreme loss. Here's a little more about me and my story...

I always wanted a family, and almost as soon as my family was given to me, it was taken away. For a long time, I held on to my pain. I shut out the person who loved me the most, my husband. And even after we were blessed with more children, I still wasn't free to live my life, to love freely, and be there for my children. I was simply existing through the shame and guilt I felt from the loss of my babies. This is my story of deliverance, and I have to share it with families that may be going through the same. You can heal. You can be delivered. You will breathe again!

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With Joy,