Through online seminars, her published books and captivating speaking engagements online and offline, Ashley shares her wisdom, and  experience with grief, and heartache. Ashley’s experience has made her an expert in overcoming emotional pain after losing her son and daughter. Ashley is on a mission called, “Don’t Struggle in Silence” to help women all over the world to feel supported and connected after pregnancy loss.  Ashley will leave your audience with HOPE and action steps that will empower your audience and help them become liberated from heartache. Ashley's experience also include a copy of her published book , "I Can Breathe Again," for your audience up to 100 people. A virtual personal audience members meet and greet is available as well. Ready to book Ashley K. Pittman for your next event? Email us:

 Talking Points: 

  • Why you MUST protect your relationship after loss and how to achieve it

  • S.P.E.A.K to Conquer Heartache

  • How to Be Patient and Release Grief

  • How to Cope with grief during COVID-19 Pandemic 


 Ready to book Ashley K. Pittman for your next event? Email us: