"Don't Struggle in Silence"

How I Can Help

Who I am

I am Ashley Pittman, wife, mother, and author. I married my high school sweetheart and quickly started a family. After our loss, we could have easily fallen apart. Well, we did fall apart, but with faith, prayer, and life tools, we rebuilt our relationship and grew our family. Everyday, I am thankful for my husband and my children. I reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Why I do this


I always wanted a family, and almost as soon as my family was given to me, it was taken away. For a a long time, I held on to my pain. I shut out the person who loved me the most, my husband. And even after we were blessed with more children, I still wasn't free to live my life, to love freely, and be there for my children. I was simply existing through the shame and guilt I felt from the loss of my babies. I had to learn how to fight for my freedom. Now that I am free, I'm helping others fight for theirs.

I am creating a path for women to give themselves permission to start their healing and not be afraid or feel guilty for moving forward. We will always will always be the mother or father of the baby we lost. 


What I can do for you

I have created several resources and tools designed to help you thrive after pregnancy loss. These resources include my FREE gift to you, in an audio message where you can discover the 3 tips on What You Shouldn't Do After Pregnancy Loss in Your Marriage or Relationship! Ashley provides Publishing services and work with women one on one to help them breakthrough the barriers that kept me stuck in my pain for so long, and to thrive after their loss. Be sure to join my mailing list, so you can be among the first to know when new resources launch!


Book me to speak

Do you need a speaker, host, motivator on a mission for your next event? I am committed to speaking life into women who feel lost or broken after suffering through the loss of a child. I have learned that too many women are suffering...in silence, and that is not okay. My talks are designed to walk women through the process of giving themselves permission to heal. Please set up consultation for speaking engagement inquiry.


Speaking Topics Include:

  • Give yourself permission to heal- It's OK

  • Rebuild your confidence after loss- Your Worthy

  • How to guard your marriage against temptation after losing a child

  • Kick self doubt out the door and take charge of your mindset

  • Keys to marriage success 

   New Author Collaboration Opportunity


   Become a contributing author in my next project! Tell your story. 



“Ashley truly is an amazing woman. She help me strategize a game plan to get my book completed. She encouraged me to conquer my fears and work through these tough situations. I now have a partner who will hold me accountable and help me succeed in the next chapter of my life. Ashley understood here I was coming from, which made me very comfortable in sharing my story. Now the healing process begins."

- Candice